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Handling & Care

NSR RIDING incorporates sensitive and highly functional fabric for your best performance. To prevent damage, extreme caution is required during wash and storage.

Though we can't guarantee our products will last for life, if you follow the instructions below you can extend garment life. For further inquiries, please contact Customer Service at


Functional apparel is made of synthetic fabric such as polyester and nylon and is sensitive to friction.
Static electricity, repeated friction, and contact with rough surfaces may cause the fabric to pill.

For cycling apparel, areas exposed to contact with the saddle and backpack, inner thighs, and underarms are prone to pilling.
Avoid using saddles with embroidery details.

Products that pill due to careless handling are not eligible for exchanges or post-sales care.
Broken seams along pads are caused by physical stress and are eligible for post-sales care. You can send your product to Customer Service at headquarters for repair.

Wash Guide

Make sure to read and comprehend the care label before wash.
To prevent damage, wash inside out with the garment fully fastened.

If your garment becomes wet from perspiration or rain, wash immediately.
Leaving it damp may cause unpleasant odor, color transfer, or peeling of graphic prints.
Hand wash separately in cold water with neutral detergent. Wring lightly after wash and shake before hanging to dry.

Machine washing, spin drying, and tumble drying all reduce garment life.
If you must machine wash, wash inside out with the zipper fully fastened and place in a mesh laundry bag to prevent distortion.

For waterproof and windproof (soft shell, hard shell) items with membrane coating, hand wash only.
Machine washing, spin-dry cycles, and excessive heat can damage the coating or cause the fabric to peel.
Do not use bleach or fabric softener.

Use neutral detergent only. Direct contact with detergent may cause discoloration. Dissolve detergent completely with water before use.

Do not dry clean, boil, tumble dry, or iron.
Wringing excessively may cause fabric to distort or stretch out of shape. Hang dry or dry flat in shade.
For tights with pads, dry inside out to reduce drying time.