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NSR CUSTOM products the best custom clothes through own factories of ShinTS co.,Ltd
where have been manufactured functional clothes of the best sports brand of the world since 2004.
From a national team to professional and club, we have know-how and professional skills through various uniform manufacturing experiences.
Not only various product line but also accessories over clothes are made.
You can see the best Custom clothes in NSR where professional personnel of head office manage from the design to manufacturing the CUSTOM clothes,

# Uniform's Advantage

  • 01
    A know-how of global fashion professional companyIt's progressed through professionalists of NSR from ergonomical
    pattern, fabric, design, color to setup that's adequate for Korean
  • 02
    Applying the high-quality, high-functional material
    (by using domestic and Italian best materials)
    You can experience the highest quality with high-quality and high-functional domestic and Italian fabric, subsidiary material and pad.
  • 03
    Optimizing the fitting with patterns for each gender.We product a pattern by gender different with other companies
    where use same pattern and pad regardless of gender.
  • 04
    Fast service with 3 weeks of manufacturing period.
    (self production in factory)
    We have a fast manufacturing period by self producting in our factory.
  • 05
    Small quantity production system (5 suits)A small quantity of uniform manufacturing for small
    team is possible and we are offering customizing, fulfillment services.
  • 06
    Simple ordering system following customer's convenience
    (Kakaotalk, Websites, etc.)
    fast consultation and order is possible through our own websites and Kakaotalk.
    (Phone, email counseling order is possible)

# Uniform skills

FabricNSR is researching for the optimal material that can maximize the functions for seasons and functions.
NSR is also making products by only using the domestic and Italian best functional fabric to make the stretch fabric, cold fiber, air permeability, mesh fabric for strengthening the activity.


1. EIT Pad (ITALY) - We are using the EIT Pad which is developed
and producted in Italy on our professional line, FONDO products.

2.NSR air pad (KOREA) = Through a soft and fast water abosrpting microfabric
fabric so that protect our skin and a waffle-shaped holes, we are using
on advanced line, CLUT products due to it's adequate for long-distance riding..